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Carbon offsetting

Our environmental responsibilities

We should all take responsibility to minimise the environmental impact of travel and reduce our carbon footprint. Small changes can make a big difference to our planet's future.

We appreciate that to reach many of the far-flung destinations in our Worldwide Tours by Rail program and some of our European destinations in our European Tours by Rail program, we must first of all take a flight to get there and would encourage you to 'offset' the effects of this.

Offset your CO2 emissions

When it comes to carbon dioxide, we all unknowingly over-indulge. Each time we heat our homes or drive the car, CO2 is added into the atmosphere. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions like CO2 and prevent further damage to the atmosphere we all need to work towards a low-carbon lifestyle. This responsibility applies as much when we travel and particularly when we fly. As well as taking steps to reduce your 'carbon footprint' you can neutralise or 'offset' the adverse impact of your flight.

Carbon offsetting means donating money to projects, specifically set up with the aim of reducing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere on your behalf, thus making your air travel 'carbon neutral'. In this way we can counteract the damage we cause. Projects include:

  • Renewable energy - this replaces non-renewable fuel such as coal
  • Energy efficiency - this reduces the amount of fuel needed
  • Forest restoration - this absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere as the trees grow

You may wish to offset your CO2 emissions using our preferred Offset Partner, Climate Care. To calculate the impact of your flights, use the Air Travel Calculator on their website. Your donation, entirely voluntary, may be much less than you think.

Further information about Climate Care is available at