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Waterways of France

From the famous Seine, whose route cuts through the centre of Paris, and the Rhône, which begins its journey 497 miles before its arrival in Lyon, to the Dordogne, whose banks are as beguiling as the river itself, and the Garnonne which cuts through the heart of the finest French winelands; the waterways of France are entirely diverse and enchanting. Serving up a wealth of experiences that include Impressionist inspiration and masterpieces, traditional fishing villages keeping time-honoured traditions alive, bountiful seafood, unusual wildlife...the list just goes on and on! So, find out for yourself exactly what a cruise through this multifaceted destination has to offer, and prepare to be more than pleasantly surprised.

French Barge Cruising

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France's Waterways from Paris to Champagne

Cruising down the famous Champagne route of France on the elegant Raymonde hotel barge, with excursions to the birthplace of Dom Pérignon and Meaux, this tour is a gastronomic delight. We also enjoy a grand tour of Paris during this all inclusive journey.

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Five-Star Bordeaux & The Dordogne Cruise

Enjoy this relaxing cruise through one of Europe's most famous wine regions. From the handsome city of Bordeaux, we navigate the Garonne and Dordogne, two of France's most scenic rivers, enjoying the unique landscapes lining their banks.

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Biarritz & Five-Star All Inclusive Bordeaux Cruise

Superb sandy beaches, a mild climate and a delightful ocean promenade have drawn visitors to Biarritz for years, then swap the sea for the Garonne and Dordogne, two of France's most scenic rivers, as you enjoy a relaxing cruise through one of Europe's most famous wine regions.

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The Waterways of France

France is home to a spectacular array of rivers of all shapes and sizes. From the elegant Rhône to the pretty Seine and everything in between, there is a waterway in France for every taste.

  • The Rhône
  • The Seine
  • The Garonne
  • The Saône
  • The Dordogne
  • The Moselle
  • The Loire
  • The Canal du Midi

Our Waterways of France ships

At Great Rail Journeys, we know that the itinerary and destination make up only part of the excellent cruise experience we strive for. On a cruise, your accommodation becomes part of the holiday, and your ship should be as comfortable, as luxurious and as elegant as possible - coincidentally, all things our chartered ships happen to be! 

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