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Discover South Korea, the Great Rail way

An escorted rail tour to South Korea promises to be a truly be a life-enhancing holiday as you discover the hidden secrets and proud customs that abound in the 'Land of the Morning Calm'.

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Rail Tours in South Korea

Set in a sub-tropical climate, South Korea perfectly blends ancient Buddhist traditions along with contemporary cities and a burgeoning gastronomy scene. With a history dating back 5000 years, there are plenty of cultural experiences to throw yourself into, as well as fascinating monuments that seem to have preserved a snapshot of life as it was once lived on this Asian Archipelago. And with kimchi and hanji (special Korean paper) making classes included in your tour, time-honoured rituals are not only kept alive, but even manage to thrive thanks to the patient and passionate practitioners who choose to pass on their skills. South Korea also shares a border with the 'Hermit Kingdom' of North Korea and the chance to visit the Demilitarised Zone, one of the words most heavily guarded perimeters, is a completely unique and chastening opportunity.

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Timeless South Korea

South Korea, also known as the land of the morning calm, is becoming ever more popular with travellers, yet still retains its authentic charm and guarantees many unique and truly memorable experiences - from its ancient temples to its tasty cuisine.

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