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Phil Parker

Tour Manager

Date I joined GRJ

March 2008


Having spent my career in the travel, leisure and shipping industry, the "bug" is well & truly in my blood. I am lucky enough to live on the coast and seeing the magnificent cruise ships, massive container vessels and super-ferries coming and going always makes me want to pack a suitcase! It was only logical, therefore, that following retirement I kept that travel flame burning and have been fortunate in hosting tours to some fantastic destinations all over the world.

Favourite rail journey

A difficult choice - so many to choose from, but it has to be a Swiss journey. The Gornergratbahn, which runs from Zermatt to the top of the Gornergrat Mountain, enjoys magnificent views of stunning mountains and sweeping valleys during the journey. When you reach your destination you can see the awesome and spine-tingling Matterhorn.

Favourite GRJ tour

Canada & the Rocky Mountaineer

There is no better way to see the incredible vistas and breathtaking Rockies than by train. The tour also allows you to enjoy some fantastic towns and cities such as Banff, Toronto, Vancouver & Jasper.

One destination everyone should visit


A "mind blowing" experience, with all that you anticipate and a whole lot more. It is a country of contrasts which will soon win you round and you'll come to appreciate everything it has to offer.

Top traveller tips

Be prepared to throw away any uncertainties about group travel. The benefits are many and our tours allow you the flexibility to be as independent as you wish.