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With a wealth of history, ranging from its time as the former capital of Myanmar to its spell under the British, Mandalay is a living, breathing museum with a vibrant centre and a diverse population. Located in the centre of Myanmar on the banks of the Irrawaddy River, Mandalay is full of exceptional examples of Myanmese buildings including the resplendent Shwenandaw Monastery and the Mandalay Palace. Alongside this grandeur, are nearby constructions like the astonishing U Bein Bridge, a teakwood bridge and the oldest of its kind, stretching 1.2km across the Taungthaman Lake.

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Burma's Hidden Kingdoms

Discover the stunning spires and simple lifestyle of Myanmar, a land untouched by westernisation. Indulge in long yet rewarding days packed with local colour, hidden gems and ancient mysteries; cruise the sparkling waters of Inle Lake, famed for its floating gardens, meet the descendents of Burma's former kings, and embark on unforgettable rail journeys, on this captivating eastern adventure.

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Why Burma won't wait

18 March 2017

Myanmar, also referred to as Burma, is a fascinating, untouched eastern destination, filled with the promise of an unknown adventure, that serves to transport visitors through time, with a culture that has received little outside influence and westernisation.

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